Member Login

ForeTees is an online reservation system that allows for members to book and manage their tee times from their computer and mobile devices. Works with the iPad, too!

To Get Started:

  1. Go to the Club’s ForeTees site at and enter your username and password.

  2. Username: The Primary member username is their member number without any leading zeros; Spouse member is their member number followed by the letter “A” after it.

  3. Password: By default the password is the first 10 letters of your last name. Be sure to go to the “Settings” tab after you login to change your password so that it is more secure.

ForeTees is an online tee time reservation system designed specifically for private country clubs. Members have 24/7 access to their club’s tee sheet from anywhere in the world where there is internet access. The system recognizes each member, spouse, and dependent as they login, and allows that individual to make tee times accordingly without breaking any of the course restrictions already in place at your club.

Good News! Nothing has changed. You can still call and make a tee time (517-318-5218), and you can still walk up and make a tee time. ForeTees just provides another option for members to book their times 24/7. ForeTees means fewer busy signals and less time spent on hold when calling the Starter!

One week in advance on ForeTees.

You can make changes on ForeTees just as if you were calling the Golf Shop. If the change is made this way, ForeTees will automatically email everyone in the foursome notifying them that the tee time has been modified. Likewise, whenever a tee time is made, ForeTees will email these members and notify them that they have a tee time on a particular day. ForeTees always keeps you abreast of what is going on with your tee times and event entries.

Yes, and there is no typing necessary. ForeTees is very user-friendly. You may select members from an alpha-pad by last name and add them to your tee time with a point and click of the mouse. ForeTees also allows you to create a “Partners” list containing members with whom you play most frequently. The “Partners” list can expedite your tee time making process.

If a tee time is filled with members, guests or Xs (Xs=TBD), only the members in that particular tee time may alter the reservation. If the tee time is not full, other members may enter the reservation and add themselves to the tee time. Whenever there is a modification to the tee time, however, everyone in the group is notified via an automatic email confirmation of the change as well as who made the change. ForeTees always lets you know the status of your tee times.

Yes, ForeTees allows for members to book and manage their tee times from their mobile devices.  Works with the iPad, too! You must log into your ForeTees Account to activate ForeTees for mobile use.

Go to the “Settings” tab to confirm your email address and create mobile login credentials.
  1. Confirm your email address under the “Settings” tab. Email will be used for tee time and event sign up confirmations.

  2. If you would like to be able to book tee times on mobile phones and/or tablets, please be sure to create a mobile username and password at the very bottom of the “Settings” page. Once you have created your Mobile credentials you can access ForeTees Mobile by going to on your mobile or tablet device and enter you username and password.

  3. Partners List – Go to the “Partners” tab and select members who you like to play with from the member list. This will make booking a tee time so much easier, because it will always default to your partner list first.